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We produce educational software for veterinarians, veterinary students, educators, and owners. At Vet Visions we believe that words are not sufficient to describe auscultation findings or to convey clinical techniques with a strong audio or visual component. We are leaders in the recording, interpretation and display of sounds and in the application of technology to assist learning. Our books are not only innovative, they are built on sound educational principles and are backed by controlled trials proving their superiority as learning tools.

Our goal: Innovative educational software for veterinarians, technicians, and owners

Our books:

The Art of Equine Medicine
Passing a Nasogastric Tube in the Horse
Techniques in Equine Medicine
Handling Horses
Equine Case Simulations
The Art of Equine Auscultation

Cattle Claw Care
The Art of Bovine Auscultation

Educational Webpage:
Canine Cardiology: A multimedia guide to canine cardiac auscultation

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18 January 2013