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The Art of Equine Medicine

An Interactive Guide.

Jonathan M. Naylor, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM, Diplomate ACVN.

Sameeh M. Abutarbush  BVSc, MVetSc, Diplomate ACVIM, Diplomate ABVP.
ISBN 978-0-9687212-6-1

This comprehensive equine medicine textbook integrates traditional descriptions of
clinical signs with images, sound recordings, and video so that clinical signs can be
clearly understood and easily related to physical examination findings.

The book follows a problem oriented approach so all the diseases for a given clinical sign
can readily be found. To look up a specific disease, simply type its name in the find box
and select the pages with the most hits. A dosage calculator makes it convenient and accurate to
calculate appropriate volumes to inject or pills to give by mouth.

Requires Windows XP or Vista, an update may be required for Windows 7.


Cost: $119 (Individual - Single user, personal computer)

Cost: $1119 (University Site - Multiple users, network or several computers)

Cost: $25 (Home use license for registered students at Universities with a Site License - Universities of Edinburgh, Minnesota only, no CD)

A comprehensive guide to the identification and interpretation of respiratory tract noises and auscultation findings.



●          Sections covering heart arrhythmia, murmurs, respiratory and gastro-intestinal sounds.

●          Each section consists of text, illustrations, recordings of normal and abnormal sounds, and movies.

●          Simultaneous visual interpretation, a unique feature that ensures you ascribe the interpretation to the appropriate sound.

●          Recordings made using specially designed stethoscopes and sound capture techniques to ensure excellent audio quality.

●          The latest research findings in this area.




     480 Images


       25 Sound Files

Listen to an example of a murmur from a horse with aortic regurgitation.



       260 Video Clips

Watch an annotated example of normal heart sounds and normal gut sounds. Buy the book and see rabies, botulism, urethroscopy, upper respiratory tract endoscopy, and many more.
To get the correct sound, use headphones and adjust the volume till the spech is at a normal volume.


       Quizzes to Help Evaluate Your Knowledge


You can practice interpreting ECG’s (see the example below), then click to the next page in the book to see how well you did.



Other Exciting New Features:

●          A complete, fully referenced equine text book.

●          More examples and improved video clips.

●          More authors

●          Contains a dosage calculator with printable results to simplify drug administration.




●          Requires Windows 95 or higher, Windows media player 6 or higher, CD drive, headphones.


Reviews of Previous Editions (Hearing Horse Hearts):

Bain Fairfield, DVM, DACVIM, DACVP, DACVECC, this book delivers excellent quality recordings and is "a useful tool for veterinarians of all backgrounds" (excerpts from a review in the Veterinary Information Network).

K. W. Hinchcliff, BVSc, PhD, DACVIM, states "This CD is a remarkable teaching aid and should be required listening for every veterinary student." (excerpts from a review in JAVMA, Vol 219, No. 12, December 15, 2001).

Cost: $100 (Individual - Single user, personal computer)

Cost: $1000 (University Site - Multiple users, network or several computers)

Cost: $25 (Home use license for registered students at Universities with  a site license, Oregon, no CD)


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EVJ Bookshop (UK)

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