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Passing a Nasogastric Tube in the Horse

(A self learning module)

Jonathan M. Naylor, DVM, MRCVS, Diplomate American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Diplomate American College of Veterinary Nutrition.
Sameeh M Abutarbush DVM, MSc, Diplomate American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Cost: $49 (Individual - Single user, personal computer)

Cost: $699 (University Site License)

Cost: $20 (Home Use for students at Universities with a Site License - Liverpool, Minnesota, Oregon, Sydney Only - no CD)

This 300 Mb multimedia CD was developed by a team of content experts, instructional designers, graphic artists and computer programmers. It uses a combination of educational theory, expert content and multimedia to deliver a superior learning environment.

Features include:

Line drawings and graphics to illustrate anatomy and important technical points.

Videoendoscopy of the passage of a nasogastric tube.

A unique synchronized view of the internal and external events as a nasogastric tube is passed.

Interactive animations to reinforce important technical points.

Interactive quizzes.

With automatic grading and feedback.




An anatomical review.
Vidoe of a nasogastric being passed on a colicky horse to show need.
Video demonstration and description of the technique
A step by step description of the technique.
Checking placement.
Adverse consequences.


Based on:

A thorough literature review.
Dissections of the head.
Videoendoscopy of the passage of nasogastric tubes.
Video of mistakes made while studentspractive the technique.


Proven in a randomized, blind, clinical trial

The CD was evaluated in a controlled, blind, comparison against an experienced instructor. The results showed statistically significant:
Increased student preference for the CD.
Better student knowledge in the CD group.
Students recieving CD instruction were more proficient in passing a nasogastric tube in the live horse.

Improves Equine Welfare

This CD is not only a superior learning tool it also improves horse welfare - less horses need to be used for demonstration, students are more proficient on their first attempt at passing a nasogastric tube.

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