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The Art of Equine Auscultation

An Interactive Guide/2.

Jonathan M. Naylor, DVM, MRCVS, Diplomate American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Diplomate American College of Veterinary Nutrition.
ISBN 0-9687212-2-2
Please note that this book is OUT OF PRINT. It has been replaced by The Art of Equine Medicine

Cost: $4.50 (Duplicate disks - for site license holders, minimum order 10)

Cost: $799 (University Site - Multiple users, network or several computers)

Cost: $10 (Home use license for registered students at Universities of Calgary, Illinois Massey, Nottingham, Oregon, Queensland, Minnesota, no CD)

A comprehensive guide to the identification and interpretation of respiratory tract noises and auscultation findings.



●          Sections covering heart arrhythmia, murmurs, respiratory and gastro-intestinal sounds.

●          Each section consists of text, illustrations, recordings of normal and abnormal sounds, and movies.

●          Simultaneous visual interpretation, a unique feature that ensures you ascribe the interpretation to the appropriate sound.

●          Recordings made using specially designed stethoscopes and sound capture techniques to ensure excellent audio quality.

●          The latest research findings in this area.



●       39 Illustrations


●       16 Sound Files

Listen to an example of a murmur from a horse with aortic regurgitation.



●       93 Video Clips

Watch an annotated example of normal heart sounds and normal gut sounds.
To get the correct sound, use headphones and adjust the volume till the spech is at a normal volume.


●       Quizzes to Help Evaluate Your Knowledge


Exciting New Features:

●          A completely rewritten and updated gastrointestinal section.

●          More Examples and improved video clips.



●          Requires Windows 95 or higher, Windows media player 6 or higher, CD drive, headphones.


Reviews of Previous Editions (Hearing Horse Hearts):

Bain Fairfield, DVM, DACVIM, DACVP, DACVECC, this book delivers excellent quality recordings and is "a useful tool for veterinarians of all backgrounds" (excerpts from a review in the Veterinary Information Network).

K. W. Hinchcliff, BVSc, PhD, DACVIM, states "This CD is a remarkable teaching aid and should be required listening for every veterinary student." (excerpts from a review in JAVMA, Vol 219, No. 12,
December 15, 2001).

Cost: $4.50 (Duplicate Disks for Institutions with Site licence - minimum order 10 copies)

Cost: $799 (University Site - Multiple users, network or several computers)

Cost: $10 (Home use license for registered students at Universities of CalgaryMasseyIllinois, Queensland, Nottingham, Oregon, no CD)


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